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Message from CEO

Dear customers and stakeholders, We believe we would’ve not been able to be here without your support and trust.

LMS focuses its core
capabilities on the development
and mass production of
core components for display,
optics and bio industries.

LMS was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a world-class parts/materials company. With an un-
wavering determination and continuous R&D investment based on micro-replication manufacturing
(MRM) technology, LMS achieved a major breakthrough in 2003 by becoming the world's second
company to develop prism sheets for BLUs (Back Light Units) used in TFT-LCD displays, and has been
leading the optical sheet industry for displays.

Also, LMS became the second company in the world to develop a Grating Lenses for Pick-Ups that
transmit optical signals in devices such as CDs and DVDs based on precision processing technology,
achieving mass production of G/T wavelength plates in 2005. Following this success, LMS continued to
make a name for itself as a global leader in precision optical components by successfully developing
and mass-producing optical filter materials for camera image sensors.

LMS will continue to pursue stability and growth through development of new parts and materials,
such as in the field of bio, and strengthen domestic and overseas marketing efforts to contribute to
society and the nation.

With our unwavering determination and passion, LMS aim to be at the forefront of the global parts and
materials industry and become a distinctive global company. We sincerely appreciate your continuous
support and interest in our dream and efforts to meet the expectations of our customers and

Thank you.


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