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Make Image Clearer and More Vivid

The Optical Information Business Unit supplies core optical components for camera modules and related absorption materials based on various independently developed absorption materials.

01 IR Cut-off Filter

The IR Cut-off Filter blocks infrared light and only allows visible light to pass through, which helps to make the image captured by the image sensor more similar to what is seen by the human eye.

02 IR Cut-off Filter Before and After Comparison

Before IR Cut-off Filter
After IR Cut-off Filter
Application LAF-Series Specification
(Unit: mm)
Spectral properties by wavelength
476nm ~ 560nm
700nm Tmax 940nm Tmax
Mobile Camera LAF-G 125 * 125 * 0.11 410nm 86.0% 636nm 0.5% 25.0%
LAF-B 125 * 125 * 0.21 410nm 86.0% 617nm 1.0% 6.0%
VR / AR Headest Camera 125 * 125 * 0.21 416nm 88.0% 638nm 3.0% 17.0%
Auto Camera LAF-N 125 * 125 * 0.21 397nm 88.0% 636nm 0.5% 33.0%
CSP Type Camera LAF-C 8Inch 415nm 90.0% 648nm 1.0% 0.0%

03 Technical capabilities of the Optical Division

Increase in demand for absorptive IR cut-off filters for camera modules
To improve image quality due to the recent increase in high-resolution camera magnification, there is an increasing demand for absorption type filters to address ghost and flare issues.
We have expertise in the development of a wide range of absorption materials.
Development of various absorption materials through in-house development and mass production of customized wavelength-specific spectral absorption materials
We specialize in slimming filters to 0.1t and increasing glass strength to ensure high performance
Our expertise in slimming filter thickness and automating 0.1t glass substrate strengthening allows for thinner camera modules and improved glass durability.
Proficiency in Designing and Manufacturing Optical Materials with customized spectral properties.
LiDAR, AR HUD Optical filters, Optical components, VR Advanced optical solutions for LiDAR, AR HUD, VR, and other cutting-edge technologies
Process stability and product competitiveness have been ensured through complete manufacturing process automation
Implementation of an end-to-end automation system for the end-to-end production process.

04 04 Development direction of optical division


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